Pharmacy Technician Job Description

Seeking out pharmacy jobs is to ensure there will always be a demand for your services. As the population ages, the pharmacies get busier and pharmacy jobs will become more necessary and important. Everyone knows the pharmacist as the consummate expert on all things pharmaceutical, but the pharmacy technician also plays a vital role in any pharmacy. The role of the pharmacy technician may vary a little, depending on precisely where you live, but the general duties are similar. Pharmacy jobs like a pharmacy technician enable you to help fill patient’s needs in a variety of different possible settings.

Once the schooling has been completed and you are certified to be a pharmacy technician, you can end up working at a variety of different places, including hospitals, drug stores, medical centers, the armed forces, nursing homes or pharmaceutical companies. Within each type of setting, you will assist the pharmacist in his various duties dispensing medications to patients. Although the pharmacy technician won’t have the same responsibilities or privileges as a pharmacist, she will have to perform many important tasks within the pharmacy. Some of these pharmacy jobs may include filling and labeling prescriptions, entering prescriptions and customer information into the computer system and dispensing the prescription to customers.

The pharmacy technician can handle virtually any duty within the pharmacy that doesn’t require the expertise of the pharmacist. The pharmacy technician isn’t allowed to talk to customers or patients about the specific medications or their effects on the body, but they can talk to doctors about them and deal with any queries that may come up. It is up to the pharmacist to discuss drug interactions and compatibilities with customers. Some other pharmacy jobs that a pharmacy technician may do include taking stock of medications, ordering new drugs and different administrative tasks like talking to insurance companies or medical authorities. A pharmacy technician may know many of the answers to questions that only the pharmacist can answer, but the job title prevents him from doing so.

As far a pharmacy jobs go, the pharmacy technician must be able to do a little bit of everything. Filling prescriptions, preparing medications, computer work, insurance claims, paperwork, dealing with doctors and drug companies and taking inventory are all pharmacy jobs that the pharmacy technician will probably have to do at one time or another. The way the different tasks are broken down will depend on what type of pharmacy the technician is working at how many other employees work there and how busy the pharmacist is on a daily basis.

Pharmacy jobs like a pharmacy technician will appeal to many people who are interested in pharmacology and enjoy performing multiple tasks as part of a job. However, once a pharmacy technician has worked at a specific pharmacy job for some time, he may decide to continue his schooling and become a pharmacist himself. If the desire for higher pay and more responsibility appeal to him, pharmacy jobs like the pharmacist are the next logical step for a pharmacy technician.

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